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Welcome. I want to learn about you and join you on your journey to a better life. Whether your challenges are relationship issues, family problems, issues at school or work, or just major life changes, having an understanding therapist can guide you on your way. ​​


With an individualized approach I will help you develop skills to live the life you want. I use a mix of psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, family systems and a variety of techniques to best meet your needs. While you often don't have control over the situations that may test you, you can understand yourself and successfully address those elements within your reach.  Contact me today so we can start to remove the negative influences and behavior patterns that may be blocking your path.

What is Walk Together Therapy?


Walk Together Therapy is not a company or business group. I am an individual psychologist with the goal of helping people better their lives. When working individually with you or your family, I am your Individual Practitioner. When you come to my office for group therapy I am Walk Together Therapy.

Helping Yourself Heal


A big part of the journey is steps taken outside of our time together. I cannot guarantee change, but the harder you work, the more progress you will see. You can help yourself by being honest about your feelings and what you need. Sometimes in life we want to tackle a problem alone; but remember a journey is better faired with a friend. I am always open to hearing what I can do to help you along the way.

The Therapy Process


Therapy is hard work that makes you stronger. When you come for therapy we will identify goals and resolve any past or present barriers blocking the path to the destination. To do this we may talk, play, write, design or move. I will assist you in identifying the work that needs to be done and guide you on the path to getting it done.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


Wayne Dyer


Image by Miguel A Amutio
Teens & Adults


It is my pleasure to serve youth and adults who may be struggling and in need of some one to help them relate to the world in a healthier fashion.

We Are Here For You



​Call to request an appointment.
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