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Darla Dixon, Psy.D.

In life the journey is just as important as the destination. Having a therapist who can meet you where you are at is paramount on the path to change. If you are looking for a safe place to explore ways to enhance your relationships, minimize emotional distress and keep stressors from becoming stumbling blocks, come walk with me.

How Do I Work?


I approach each client as an individual with a unique blend of needs. Using EMDR as well as a psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral orientation I can assist you in building new skills and resolve hang-ups which can leave you stuck.

Where Am I Coming From?

I have over a decade of experience helping teens and adults heal from past wounds while learning healthier ways to cope with the challenges of life and maximizing their personal growth. I graduated from Alliant International University in 2011 with a doctorate in Forensic Psychology. I am EMDR Certified. I have worked with youth with serious emotional disturbances, perpetrators of interpersonal violence, incarcerated adults and children, as well as families in the community. Presently I work with civilly committed individuals as well as individuals in the community.

Who Can I Help?


I work with teens and adults


I can help you with Depression , Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Trauma, Anger, Behavioral Problems, Substance Abuse, Parenting.

There are no shortcuts in evolution.


Louis D. Brandeis


What Can I Do?



EMDR Intensives

We Are Here For You


​Contact me any time
Dr. Darla Dixon
Phone: 818-925-5007
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